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To Our Valued Business Partners

We have truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with you over the years and it has been a wonderful experience to be able to grow our businesses with one another.  For the last several years it has been growing increasingly difficult for our existing facilities to support everything we would like to offer.  In order to correct this situation, we have acquired a new location and have finally finished our construction!

It is with great excitement that ICT would like to officially announce that over the next several weeks we will be in the process of moving into our new location!  Our phone numbers and email addresses will all remain the same but our new official address for all business will be at the following location:

48929 Milmont Dr.
Fremont, CA  94538

All packages, letters, or other correspondence should be sent to this new address as of
Dec. 20, 2010.  Our change of location should proceed seamlessly without any interruption to our business.  If you have any questions about how this move may impact your business please donít hesitate to contact us at any time!  We are excited and honored that you trust us enough to be your first choice of currency processing equipment and look forward to having the extra space we will need to not only provide you with better and more efficient service but to now being able to begin expanding the services we will offer!  

With our most sincere gratitude,

As an addendum the office will be closed from December 27th to the 31st for Christmas and the New Year.

The International Currency Technologies Team

ICT, Ready for the new US $5 Bills

ICT will release software for the new $5 notes on February 1, 2008.  Software will be available for all current production models of ICT bill acceptors.  All units shipped as of February 1, 2008 will have the newest software version already installed and will be capable of accepting the new notes the day they enter circulation.

All flash-capable units can be updated by using the FP-001 field programming device.  The FP-001 is reusable and re-programmable, and can be used with all ICT flash-capable units.FP-001 programming units are available from all ICT distributors.  Instructions are included with the unit, can be viewed online at:

Call us directly if you have any questions about updating your ICT bill acceptors at:
+ 1-510-353-0289

For information on the new $5 note or other items of United States currency go to http://www.moneyfactory.gov/, the official website for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing of the United States Treasury Department.